I want to share with you the differences that are possible when we use the right shape of waveform to generate pain relief and initiate a healing response from the body.

I want you to know the difference between a sine wave that is emitted from your typical TENS unit and the parasympathetic-shaped waveform with alteration based on biofeedback that we use in our technology.

And I understand that you could have the “mushy pain brain”, so instead of getting super technical, I want to show you some pretty pictures.

This is a SINE wave from a TENS unit. No variation. The brain gets bored quickly. It blocks pain while it is in use.

This is the shape of our parasympathetic-mimicking waveform before being placed on the skin (LEFT) and one alteration of that waveform when the device is in use (RIGHT). Alteration of that waveform based on biofeedback occurs every 2 milliseconds! 

Your Brain Finally Gets It!

And you get to experience the power and beauty of your Vis – your body’s ability to heal itself.
Fascia rearranges, your joints self-adjust into better alignment, and you take that deep sigh of relief that occurs in deep relaxation as you begin to truly heal at the deepest level.