Meet Elizabeth~

Have you thought about booking a call with us at My Pain Eraser but stopped short due to skepticism, fear of the unknown, or even worse – fear of a slimy sales pitch???

I would like to give you an inside look at who is on the other side of those calls. 

Elizabeth was working on her M.S. in pediatric epidemiology at MSU and considering pursuing a Ph.D. when we first met. She was working as a nanny part-time to support her studies and she became my son’s nanny. We quickly became friends and enjoyed watching our sons develop a close bond. 

I had mentioned my background in advanced electromedical devices and pain relief, but it wasn’t until Elizabeth was truly in pain that this became important. In her third trimester of her third pregnancy, she developed intense pain in her low back and sacrum. She was evaluated by her medical doctors and told that she would need surgery to stabilize her spine. 

I offered to come over with my device and give her a treatment. With a single treatment, she got the first 24-hours of pain relief in more than a month. 

A few days later I gave her a second treatment and she got a full 3-days of pain relief and her interest in the Pain Eraser Program grew significantly. 

We spoke at length about the science and physiology behind the waveform shape, the frequencies and the effects on the human body. Elizabeth found that she went longer and longer in between episodes of sacrum pain and was able to deliver her baby girl in January of 2019 without complications and not in need of surgery. 

Here’s a brief list of the other benefits she and her family have experienced since becoming clients of the My Pain Eraser Program:

  • Her periodic migraines have been less frequent and more manageable, often able to stop them in their tracks.
  • Her 3-year son was diagnosed with Eustachian tube dysfunction causing his chronic ear infections. She was able to stop all antibiotics and avoid surgery by using the drainage techniques we teach for ear infections. 
  • The same child was also diagnosed with retained primitive reflexes that were resulting in several sensory disturbances and prescribed desensitization therapy by an Occupational Therapist. Here’s a little excerpt from her letter to me describing her experience with the First Tx: 

“The very first time I used my device on my son was mind blowing. He melted into my

lap and allowed me to run the device all over his body. He stayed perfectly still on my lap for the better part of 45 minutes- that is a feat with any 3 year old, let alone him! Within days his sensory issues had significantly reduced. We were able to effectively integrate nearly all of his retained reflexes and he is like a different child. Scheduling prevented us from attending OT for 2 weeks and when we returned our therapist was blown away. He made such great strides in a matter of 2 weeks that could hardly wrap her mind around it. My little guy is so much happier and more relaxed. I only wish I had found this device sooner!”

  • Elizabeth watched the pain and swelling literally vanish from her sister’s neck and shoulders in a 20-minute treatment.
  • Elizabeth’s mother then became a client and called her in tears about 2 weeks later because she dropped something and was able to squat like a normal person and pick up the bottle without any pain in her arthritic knees. This was something she hadn’t been able to do for years! 
  • Elizabeth’s husband is a Strength and Conditioning Coach for college athletes and he has been impressed by his ability to breathe easier after a lung treatment during a stubborn upper respiratory infection. He also found quick relief from a minor shoulder injury. Several of his athletes have experienced rapid recovery times as well. 

SO, when you book a call with My Pain Eraser, you are booking a call with Elizabeth. 

Her intellect, humor, compassion and background in science and medicine combine to make your conversation with her a memorable and pleasant one.  She has an impressive ability to evaluate your medical issues and determine whether or not this program is the right fit for you and your family. She can tell you first-hand about the benefits she and her family have experienced for a wide variety of conditions.

We are so blessed to have her as part of our team and thought you might enjoy learning a bit more her background and why she’s a #1 fan of the My Pain Eraser Program. 

In Health and Wellness,

Dr. Brandy Rose Lipscomb, ND