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Your journey to this moment in time has likely been a long one.


I honor you and your passion for healing. Your quest to address the body as a divine electrical matrix capable of rapid healing and profound wellbeing has landed you here. Welcome!


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It is my hope that you take something beneficial from these letters. I think of them as gifts. .
Resonance and Frequencies

Resonance and Frequencies

We moved! Not only did we move to a new platform for delivering outstanding content to your inbox, but Dr. Lipscomb moved from West Virginia to sunny south Florida last month. We apologize for the hiatus from the digital world....

Is your pain actually in your fascia??

Is your pain actually in your fascia??

I want to share some information with you today that I typically only share in 1 on 1 calls with potential clients. I feel that this concept is SO IMPORTANT for you to understand, SO VITAL to the resolution of at least 75% of cases of chronic pain, and SO NEGLECTED by...

Homeopathy is NOT a vaccine

Did you read in the news about the naturopathic doctor in California who was arrested this week for selling "homeopathic vaccine" and even giving her clients vaccination record cards and telling them to falsify their records and mark down Moderna?!I want to take a...

Three Ways to Restore the Knee/Hip/Joint You Have

The old saying goes, “When you are a hammer, everything is a nail.” And the same goes for an orthopedic surgeon. “When you are an orthopedic surgeon, every damaged joint looks like a surgery to be scheduled $$$$$.” And it’s true, I have my own biases as a naturopathic...



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