Did you read in the news about the naturopathic doctor in California who was arrested this week for selling “homeopathic vaccine” and even giving her clients vaccination record cards and telling them to falsify their records and mark down Moderna?!

I want to take a moment and share my thoughts with you on this subject. 

1. Homeopathics are NOT vaccines. 
She was wrong. She deserves to be fined and punished. Her career is rightfully over. You may think that’s harsh of me to judge someone so severely or you might be clapping your hands right now. 

Don’t get me wrong – I love homeopathy. But I know it’s place. I call them “Magic Beans” because when you take the right remedy, magical things happen. Homeopathy is energy medicine or vibrational medicine at it’s core. 

We take a substance – plant, mineral, animal, even viral matter like the coronavirus – and dilute it with sterile water in a sterile lab and shake, shake, shake (or succuss) the solution. Then one drop of that solution is diluted in water again and succussed. And one drop of that solution is again diluted in water and succussed….and so on and so on. This happens 30 times to make a 30C potency remedy, 200 times for a 200c remedy and 1000 times for a 1M potency remedy! 

The more dilute, the stronger the vibrational effect. Weird, right?

My first experience with homeopathy came my first day of naturopathic medical school. I showed up to my first day of school with 15 stitches across my cheek and a massively swollen, grotesque eye socket. I was kayaking down a steep creek with some friends when my shoulder dislocated and I flipped over and face planted into a rock as I was going down a drop. It was not a pretty scene. It was not a pretty face. LOL! 

Another student grabbed me at the doors and said you need to come with me. She took me to Dr. Robin DiPasquali – one of our Botanical Medicine instructors. Dr. DiPasquali had long flowing hair and her office smelled like a barn because of all the herbs hung up to dry around the room. 

Dr. D took one look at my mangled face and said “Oh Dear.” Sat me down and gave me a 3 white pellets to take under my tongue and another vial of the pellets to take with me. She instructed me to take them every 3-4 hours for the next day. I had never heard of homeopathy before and I came from a background in Biotechnology so I was super skeptical of this hocus pocus sugar pill.

The next day, I woke up in disbelief. All of the bruising and swelling in my face was gone. My cornea wasn’t even bloodshot anymore. The only evidence of my injury was the sutures. I healed 10X faster than I had ever healed in my life. 
The remedy was Arnica montana and it’s a great remedy to have in your home for bruising and swelling. 

Fast forward 2 years and another homeopathic ended my life-long battle with cystic acne. I had even taken Accutane in college and I still had acne in my mid-20s. It was the bane of my existence. And the only thing I changed – I went to see a doctor who specialized in homeopathy. She took my case, gave me a dose of white pellets, and one month later I had perfectly clear skin and still do twenty years later. Magic beans.

But a homeopathic vaccine? No.

Homeopathy might be something I would include as part of a treatment plan if someone was sick with a virus, because there’s a chance the right remedy will stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanisms. “A chance”. They typically cost about $7 and sometimes work like magic. Great, let’s add it to the mix. It’s worth trying.

But not as a “vaccine”. Not on your vaccination record.

The coronavirus pandemic has killed millions of people across the globe and handcuffed us to our homes for more than a year. We have vaccines that have been proven to be effective at slowing it down, making it less lethal, and giving us the chance to get our lives and our world back on track. 

I know I want my life back. And I believe in public health. I believe in science. 

This is part 1 of this series. You are probably here to learn about our Pain Eraser program for chronic pain using space-age medical devices that perform dynamic neuromodulation. There are several homeopathic that may help with pain and I want to share them with you as well. I know that it will help a few of you and it will cost less than $10. 

So look for that article. 

In parting, I want to say that there are great MDs out there, and there are really bad ones too. There are great veterinarians, and then there are really bad ones too. Same with naturopathic doctors. Some are amazing, and then one crosses over the line and falsifies federal records with “homeopathic vaccines”. 

You can’t judge an entire profession based on one wild card. 

Thanks for reading. Rant over.

With Love and Respect for Science,

Dr. Brandy Rose Lipscomb
Founder, My Pain Eraser LLC